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Pigskin Addiction's HEAD HOG is:

Rick "Snake" Arnold - Owner; Operator; Writer

Bio -

Age: 39
Born: New York
Education: BS in Psychology, BS in Criminal Justice, BS in BS
Occupation: Medical IT
Years playing FFB: 27
FFB Titles: I’m lucky enough to say I’ve lost count. It’s been a good run.
Years writing FFB: 11
Favorite College team: THE Ohio State Buckeyes
Favorite Pro team: I’ve lost all loyalty to teams…just root for my players!
Favorite Player of All Time: Sweetness…nobody touches Walter Payton
Hobbies: Reading, BBQ, Cooking
Favorite Food: Yes.
Quote to live by: “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you always got”

email: snake[at]

Pigskin's 2nd in Command:

Ryan Schoon - Owner; Marketing; contributor

Bio -

Age: 37
Born: Michigan
Education: 2008 MCTS, 2003 Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator, NetApp Certified Data Management Administrator, Cisco Certified Network Associate. 
Occupation: Network Administrator US Air Force
Years playing FFB: 19
FFB Titles: 2nd's count?!?!?!?
Years writing FFB: 11
Favorite College team: Michigan Wolverines
Favorite Pro team: Like Rick, I have no team loyalty
Favorite Player of All Time: Walter Payton and Brett Favre
Hobbies: Fishing, Hunting and Computers
Favorite Food: Surf and Turf and any type of Potato
Quote to live by: You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take.—Wayne Gretzky

email:  munk[at]  Contact for advertising, mock drafting, expert leagues and anything else you might need from PA.

Advertising Info: had over 450,000 total unique visitors for 2010.

Between and our message boards we had 9 million page views in 2010.

Email Ryan Schoon for all ad inquires:  We have space on our homepage and content pages for any type of ad you'd like.  If you don't see room, we'll make room for you, just contact us and we'll work out all the details. 

Additionally starting 1 March 2011 we'll offer ad space on our NEW Mock draft software.  Email Ryan for your chance to sponsor the mock draft. 


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