Top 50 Rookies


Rk Player POS Team


1.  Le'veon Bell RB PIT
A nimble runner that participates in the passing game.  The job is his to lose.
2. Eddie Lacy  RB GB
A dominant runner that can tear through defenders, Lacy has the ability to bring the running game back to the pack.
3. Tavon Austin WR STL
Small, agile WR with scorching speed.  Will nicely fill the gap created by the loss of Amendola and Gibson
4. Montee Ball RB DEN
Durability questions with the currrent backs open the door for this proven runner.  He has a few miles on his legs, which have given him the experience to propel him thick into the running back by committee of the Broncos.
5. DeAndre Hopkins WR HOU
Athletic and physical.  With the departure of Walter and the achillies injury to Posey, Hopkins should earn a starting role.  A nice complement to Johnson's downfield ability.
6 Geno Smith QB NYJ
Can it be that hard to take the job from Sanchez.  Geno Starts this year.
7. EJ Manuel QB BUF
Big arm, physical magnitude, and inconsistent.  Watch for Kolb and Jackson to disintegrate, that''s the point Manuel takes over.
8. Robert Woods WR BUF
A tough player and strong route runner, Woods is just what the doctor ordered.
9. Giovani Bernard RB CIN
Everything the law firm is not - he'll be a good compliment that can catch and run.
10. Cordarrelle Patterson WR MIN
If he can bring some intelligence to his pure athleticism he could be a much needed spark for the Vikings.  It's a big IF - one season at Tennessee doesn't glean confidence.
11. Keenan Allen WR SD
If his knee and ankle injuries don't nag, his dependability as a route runner will give him some opportunities.
12. Aaron Dobson WR NE
The deep threat the Patriots have been missing.  He'll get time on the field.
13. Tyler Eifert TE CIN
Gives the Bengals a 2 tight end option.  This guy can get verticle. 
14. Zach Ertz TE PHI
It's a new day in Philly.  Expect multiple tight end sets that include Ertz. Celek remains the starter but Ertz will see some action.
15. Justin Hunter WR TEN
The speedy Hunter could open the down field game.  He'll get the opportunity if Britt continues his antics, and Washington and Wright don't show more in training camp.
16 Ace Sanders WR JAC
He'll be down the depth chart in Jacksonville with his small size and no area he proves elite.
17. Mychal Rivera TE OAK
If you combine Kasa's blocking with Rivera's skills in space you might get one complete TE.
18. Nick Kasa TE OAK
Oakland is in dire need.  Kasa brings some blocking but doesn't make the grade in the backfield.
19. Chritine Michael RB SEA
Michael brings solid skills to a talented team.  He can add to an already strong backfield if he can keep the injuries and off the field hubub under control.
20. Matt Barkley QB PHI
Intelligence supersedes his lack of physical attributes.  Could fill the Philly QB void if Vick and Foles don't step it up.
21. Marcus Lattimore RB SF
Has the time to study and get the knee injuries completely healed.  If he can prove he has some durability he'll do some damage.
22. Travis Kelce TE KC
Kelce joins a team in transition which may give this athletic, versatile TE an opportunity to make an impact.
23. Vance McDonald TE SF
Medicore talent on the team that LOVES the two tight end set.
24. Marquise Goodman WR BUF
A speedy compliment to Stevie Johnson and Robert Woods.  
25. Terrence Williams WR DAL
Williams provides some depth behind Bryant and Miles.  Talented on the outside and a deep play threat, he'll likely see some sets as the #3 receiver.
26. Markus Wheaton WR PIT
Hellacious speed, but needs some polish to make an impact.
27. Josh Boyce WR NE
On a team trying to beef up the outside, Boyce could add versatility if he can demonstrate consistency.
28. Gavin Escobar TE DAL
Polished receiver that needs work with blocking.  Nice back-up for the aging Witten.
29. Stedman Bailey WR STL
An adept, polished route-runner, he brings another option to a team lacking veterans.
30. Zachary Stacy RB STL
Jackson's shoes will be hard to fill, but Stacy just might be able to do it.
31. Levine Touolo TE ATL
An optomistic choice to fill some large shoes.  He'll fall far short when Tony G retires.
32. Tyler Wilson QB OAK
Wilson has an opportunity to compete with Flynn for the starting job in Oakland.
33. Jonathan Franklin RB GB
Might be useful to give Lacy a spell or two.  He'll need a spark to earn a start.
34. Jordon Reed TE WAS
If Fred Davis can teach him a few things he'll be ready start in a few years.
35. Kenny Stiles WR NO
He'll get his shot in the 3 and 4 receiver sets the Saints love to run.  Needs some development and is in a good place to get it. Brees will throw to anybody that's open.
36. Joseph Randle RB DAL
Adds needed depth for the Cowboys.  Ability to run and catch moves him up the depth chart.
37. Corey Fuller WR DET
Has the speed and the brains.
38. Justin Brown WR PIT
A physical receiver that fights for yardage.
39. Kenjon Barner RB CAR
Not the power guy Carolina tends to gravitate towards, but could be a change of pace.
40. Mike James RB TB
Well rounded, but not great at any one thing.  Could have impact on special teams.
41. Denard Robinson WR JAC
Has a much better outlook for the return game than as a true WR.
42. Chris Thompson RB WAS
An injury prone player that brings a bit of excitement everytime he hits the field.
43. Chris Harper WR SEA
Fast and physical, Harper is another capable reciever added to a group with plenty of upside.
44. Mike Glennon QB TB
An interesting alternative to Freeman.  Glennon brings enough talent to put Freeman on the hot seat, but he'll need some leadership skills before taking the job.
45. Dion Sims TE MIA
Substantial size, and he can move.  But is mediocre at best and won't displace Dustin Keller.
46. Stepfan Taylor RB AZ
Predestrian talent that could get an early shot if health proves problematic for Mendenhall and Williams.
47. Luke Wilson TE SEA
Has catching capabilities, but will need to improve blocking before he gains fantasy value.
48. Latavius Murray RB OAK
One dimensional, but will make an impact as skills become more versatile.
49. Tavarres King WR DEN
A strong route runner that will benefit from Peyton's tutelage.  
50. Landry Jones QB PIT
Ready to go - as a back-up to Big Ben.  He'll have the time he needs to develop, and natural fit for the Steelers after the Roethlisberger era.



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