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Pigskin Addiction has been part of my weekly ffb ritual for years and a big reason why i'm gonna be haulin in the dough this year. top points, division winner, best record and now about to play for the championship again this year. the monday read is always entertaining and i like that you roll out the gbg on tues (notice most dont do projections til later in the week) very helpful for those of us that like to get an early start on obsessing over lineup decisions.  keep up the good work fellas!  -Josh Heriot 'riotman'

Hey guys - I've played in just one FF league with my friends and out of the 10 of us, I'm the only one who uses Pigskin Addiction's Draft Guide and weekly updates. I just wanted to give you all a big thanks because I am currently the defending 3-peat champion (since 2007) and just made my 4th straight championship! Thanks for all of in-depth advice and education that has allowed me to make the most out of my teams every season. My friends all hate me now, but I wouldn't have it any other way...Thanks again - Wayne

Thanks a lot, this is a great draft guide and the website has kept me either the winner or runner up 10 out of 10 years with 7 championships. - Christopher Lynn

The Best $10.00 any Fantasy player will ever spend. Most of the rags at the news stand cost more and are outdated by the time your draft rolls around. Simply the best value and most entertaining information available anywhere! Great Job Once Again Guys!!!  - Champ27

I've been using pigskinaddiction for over seven years and consistently winning. The blend of knowledge, having an informed opinion, making bold predictions and most of all humor make this the best guide out there.  You guys are great and keep up the good work!  - Dean

Just wanted to let you guys know I ordered you draft kit last year after thinking of it for a couple of years. I have always done ok in Fantasy Football but never could get above average finished middle of the pack of 20 year running 16 team league). Lots of it was research I will not decline that, but after your guide this year I took second in the points race and made the playoffs. Would have won the point’s race if it was not for Speedy GonJohnson blow up in week 17. Got a little of my donations back from the last few years which the wife loved. The Draft Kit was not only informative but very funny which made the year a lot better. Well 1st in points all year helped. Anyway dude just wanted to let you guys know your doing a great job and I have my draft kit already this year and have laughed my ass off and it has not even started. Thanks again and keep up the good work.  – Robert in North Carolina

Hey Rick - Not to swell your guy’s ego's any farther than they already are, but just wanted to let you know I did not buy your guide last year, first time in like 5 years, but anyway I had a terrible season! First season in the red for me in about 10 years, so just wanted to let you know still diggin your site and your quotable comments, keep up the awesome job!  I feel like Earl, Karma got me last year, not gonna happen this year though :-)  Thanks again - Tom (AKA  ~ Krakaskula~)

Thank you. I won all 3 leagues I was in last year (all different formats), including one with a local sports bar. They had 8 12-team leagues. I won my league and finished 3rd overall. - Joe Beiras

Ordered mine today!  Double winner last year....Won My Fantasy League and Won the Adrian Peterson Helmet in the pre-order Drawing.  Can't invest $10 better than that!!!  --AlwaysARaider

In my two of my local money leagues, one I’ve been doing for years and the second my work league, I used the draft guide and in particular the “pool article” to draft for these leagues. I was able to get Ray Rice in my work league in the 3rd round. No one had him targeted but yet everyone was trying to trade me for him. In my main money league, I’ve been using the draft guide for a while, as well as the PA site itself (the Game by Game, and start bench articles in particular).I typically lead my league all season long. And this year if I hadn’t of been moving and forget to switch out Dallas Clark for Visante Shiancoe I would have won the championship. I was actually accused of cheating somehow because I do so well on my drafts and make few moves throughout the season. No cheating going on here, just using the guide and PA articles throughout the year to make sure I play the best players week in and week out. -- Janna

I’ve been a big PA fan for the last several years. I thoroughly enjoy the weekly information and the hilarious way it is accurately presented. I’ve run a league for a decade and have won a couple titles. Last year I also joined a more expensive money league and picked up the PA Draft Guide for the first time. SHAZAM! Using the PA Draft Guide exclusively I won the first 7 games of the big money league, set multiple league records and took the league title in my first year. Combine that with a playoff appearance in my league and I took over $1,700. That will buy a lifetime worth of future PA draft guides! Thanks Pigskin Addiction --Warcry                                                    

Hey guys!!


Just wanted to let you know once again how your website and especially your  PA Draft Guide (the bible) kicks ass!!!  I am in two leagues and brought home fantasy football championships in 2009 in both along with over $1,000.  Of course I already knew how good you were before this year as I have been visiting your site for as long as I can remember and I have been getting your draft guide since its existence. I have won many championships over the years but even in years I don't, it seems I am always in the hunt and finish in the money.  I just got done reading some of your draft guide testimonials and everything I read is true.  You guys rock and keep up the good work in the future!!!!  --Doug

PA Staff, 

I wanted to take the time to thank you guys for putting together such an awesome site!  The dedication you guys put into the site is well noticed and appreciated.  I’ve been playing fantasy for over 14yrs and have been the commissioner of a league for the past 7.  I’ve recommended this site to my league every year to offer everyone the same edge I have with using this site…I also like the increased competition!  Every year I purchase the PA guide and every year I say I’m going to use your rankings only to see how it works out-Well, every year I’ve used your rankings and tweaked them slightly to my liking….That’s got me into 1 of the winning spots (4th) over the past 3 years….This year was a different story-I stuck to the PA guide to a T and took your weekly advise to lock my team up for first with a week left in the season!!!  Adding the Live Feed toward the end of the season was a HUGE contributing factor for my final 6 game win streak So, I just wanted to thank you guys for running such an awesome site…You guys are an awesome group of guys and have also gave me advise on hotspots to hit while traveling though your cities while on business-Above and Beyond just a fantasy forum site...Thanks Thanks Thanks!!!

THE SWEATHOGS 7-GRAND CHAMPEEN-Thanks to the PA Guide!!!  --Shane Scott

Was in 5 leagues this year.  Did not use the guide for one of my drafts.  Finished 1st, 2nd in two, and 5th in another, and 11th in my first draft. Made playoffs in 4 of 5, in championship 2 of 4.  I did not use my draft guide in my first draft and finished 11th. Missed several prospects, players to get, and sleepers that helped my other teams.
Use the draft guide, it's like giving that edge of luck for your side.  
--chitown bears

I got the bible... I mean PA draft guide in July and had 3 (out of 3) excellent drafts.  I had an easy ride to the playoffs in all three leagues I am currently going to 2 out 3 of my leagues championship games (heavily favored in both).
In my third league I lost in the playoffs this weekend by a Steve Smith TD for the other team.
A 100 points is a great weekly score in that league, I lost the playoff game 130 to 138.

Thank you Pigskinaddiction, This has been an incredible fantasy football season. --Ed Leary

Hey....because of the PA draft guide, I drafted Ray Rice and Thomas Jones.  Everyone in my league laughed and picked on me but those two guys were great picks for me.   I only lost one game and went into the playoffs as the first seed.  Unfortunately, I played against Brandon Marshall and Chris Johnson so I was knocked off in the first round  :).  I lost by 2 points (actually would've won if Tom Brady would've showed up AT ALL for his game).  Anyway, was a great year.  I have been buying the draft guide for 5 years now and I will continue to as long as I play FF.  Being the only female in my league, I ALWAYS beat all the guys because of the PA draft guide

Thanks for a great year.  --Katie Harden /AKA - Katiekatie

Did the pool theory for the first time this year (great article btw, had the guide the previous 3 yrs).
League 1: Lead league in scoring....unfortunately led league in point against as well. Finished 7-7. Sucks, but the draft strategy was solid. Hard to recover from an 0-5 start facing the high points guy each time.  League 2: 2nd in total points, finished 11-3. Lost rd 1 of playoffs, but won the consolation game (3rd place).  League 3: 4th in total points, finished 10-4. Won the championship last week.  All in all, I think my drafting improved tremendously. Was also able to capitalize on some excess to make good trades with down the stretch. Should have been more active on the WW later on in the season, but that's my own fault. 

Just wanted to let you all know how much I love what you do.  I stumbled on you site by accident late in the 2008-09 season and found it humorous and informative.  I started checking you web site when preparing for my 09 draft and saw the Draft guide ads.  I decided to give it a shot and I was NOT disappointed.  I laughed and reread it several times.  Using your guide I was able to Draft a strong team and with your weekly updates on the site I am in First in both leagues I'm in and my wife is tied with me for first in one also (she used the guide as well).  That guide was the best I have ever seen, and I have been playing FF for 7 years.  Keep up the Great work I'm addicted to the addiction.  --Roger Ingram AKA bdlkratt

I've been buying the draft guide for the past few seasons but would typically only take from it what I liked/agreed with. So, last year, I decided to do an experiment and dedicate one ENTIRE mega-keeper/IDP league to the draft guide (and PA). I followed it to the "T". I drafted guys at times where other owners were scratching their heads as to why. I was getting things like, "What...are you crazy? Andre Johnson's a wash up and injury waiting to happen. No way he rebounds." Or, "Why did you NOT draft Portis??? He's a STUD....you'll see. Your loss, dude." And, "You call Matt Ryan a sleeper pick???? I call him more like a SNOOZER pick....no way he's on your roster come opening day...he's a rookie playing for Atlanta...." Well, when December rolled around and I was sitting in the championship game with players that I drafted based solely on the draft guide, all the way from starters, sleepers, etc., I was the one laughing all the way to the bank. Cha-ching! Oh yeah...I won the league (YES, true story).  --Jason  Seattle, WA

I have used the Pigskin Addiction draft guide for the last 5 years. I have finished in first place TWO of those years and 2nd place ONE of those years.  When it comes to draft time, I dont leave home without. The web site is excellent for advice. My 2 brother in laws are hooked on the web site also.  It’s amazing how we think alike when it comes to fantasy rankings--Thanks Pigskin Addiction

--Chris Mellito Chambersburg, PA

For the past two years, I used the Draft Guide's take on rookies RB's like Marshawn Lynch in 2007 and Matt Forte in 2008 to get my team to the championship game in back-to-back years.     --suvoyee22

I used PA Draft Guide last year to help take me to the promised land in 4 of 5 leagues. It's not just a simple collection of player/position rankings (but there's certainly that here too), it's all the individual player analyses, the charts, schedules and projections that really make this the absolute best source of FFB information available anywhere.            --Ragin Kajun

The first year I played ffb I bought one of those magazines and did not have a CLUE what I was doing. I just picked a name (half the time I didn't even know what team the person I drafted played for).  Being the only girl in several leagues I always get teased for the selections I make. My second year, thanks to the PA draft guide I won our league (ran away with it was more accurate). Same thing with the third year. Ever since then I have finished no lower than third and for the past 2 years I have been in first place all season.  I shared the draft guide this year with a co-worker after I had printed it out (in color on accident costing me an additional $40.00), he used it and gave it back to me. He won his league as well. This next year we are playing in a league together and he's not getting my draft guide!  You cannot go wrong with the draft guide. It has everything you need, comes with an update in August just in time for your draft, and is the most up to date.  It's all you need. And I have YET to tell my re-draft league about it. It's my Ace in the Hole!  --Hurrifan

I played in 8 leagues last year. I won two of them, and made the playoffs in all but one. The PA Draft Guide helped me net over $1600 last season alone. For the price of a six-pack of good beer, calling that a bargain is an understatement.  --Carnage

I'm not going to waste my money on mags this year....the past 2 years I've gotten the Hog draft guide and my record has been 22-6 with one championship.  That's 4 games better than any other team in my league the past 2 years!  And I went 12-2 this last season.  -- strflyr78

Amusing, insightful, and very very daring in its predictions.  I found myself reading and re-reading the draft guide just for the quips and cynical humor.  I've used it the past 2 years in my two leagues and have 4 playoff appearances, 1 championship, one 2nd place finish, and two 3rd place finishes to show for it.  I'd suggest it for anyone serious about playing and winning fantasy football. --bdpenney

Why waste money on magazines that are outdated by the time they hit the shelves? Why buy different mags to get your IDP, dynasty, rookie or offensive line ratings?  Why pay for advertisements and other crap you just don't need?  I have ordered the guide every year, and its no coincidence I am in the championship game each time.  It comes to my email account with the most recent information possible, let alone the free update later in the season.  For the price (or any price) you can't beat it. --Force of1

What I would tell my competitors: The PA draft guide SUCKED! Full of inaccuracies, hyperbole and just made-up stuff! Try Fanball.com - their guide is MUCH better!  For everyone else that I don't compete against: it's worth every penny!  --War Hammers

There's nothing else out there close to the PA draft guide. Most magazines are written in March and after the Rookie draft they start publication, so most of the information is outdated by the time it gets in stores by June. Also with the PA guide you the update in August which really puts everything FF in perspective.  --Thumper78

Easily the best draft guide I have ever purchased! I went through fantasy football magazine after fantasy football magazine and was never satisfied with the information they contained. The PA Draft guide was not only up to date (and they graciously added an update) but was extremely informative and humorous to boot. I cruised to the top of my league standings and took the championship with ease. The only beef with the draft guide I have is that it does not come with a swimsuit edition. Then again, the thought of Chubby in a bikini makes me sick to my stomach            --49erFaithful

Three of my first five picks ended up injured last year. Thanks to the guide, I was more informed than my competition and able to overcome those setbacks with the information that helped me draft strong players in the middle and later rounds of the draft. I won my championship easily last year. --Take a Knee

The draft guide is easily worth more than what it costs. I was in 9 leagues this past season. I made the playoffs in all but one, and that was a 32 team league. I made the finals in 5 of those leagues and won one title. Best of all, I placed second overall in my Big Money League, which netted me $500. Never before have I had so much success in one season. I owe it all to the PA Draft Guide. --Carnage

For the past fifteen years, I have been playing Fantasy Football. Prior to purchasing the Draft Guide, I purchased every fantasy magazine available and considered myself an expert! After studying the Draft Guide, I quickly realized I had wasted hundreds of dollars on fantasy football magazines. Purchase this guide once and you will be a lifetime customer. If you enjoy a competitive advantage, this is the solution.
Thanks Pigskin Addiction!
 --Mike (ICE)

Just do yourself a favor and buy a Guide. Almost 100 pages of only fantasy football information. No other source on the market will give you this much info for under $10.00. Player Rankings, O-line Rankings, Breakout players, Rookie Rankings, a Mock Draft, Must have players, Do not draft players, Top 100, 3rd year WR's, etc. Snake will also make this an interesting and sometimes laugh out loud read. Real thoughts on real players. Not the same old boring talk track recycled over and over like all the mags in the stores. I've bought this guide every year since it has been produced and made the playoffs in two leagues with its help every year. They even give you a FREE update in August with new rankings based on recent information and injuries. The update alone should be enough incentive for you to try this guide. You need nothing else.............I am not kidding.   --Dayhaver

I bought the guide last year, and I play in 5 leagues. If you are unsure if you should buy it. Then you better get it now. I have subscriptions to all the competition sites (I paid for 4 sites, and the guide last year 2005, and this year i'm dropping all but Pigskin, and 1 other site), None of the others are as good Pigskin Addiction, because Pigskin is always updating, improving, and willing to tell it like it is. Look at the sleepers busts and you will find every site is hit or miss, but look at Pigskin's bench-start, and thier ADD Drop sections, you will see they miss nothing when it comes to possible point scoring potential players. The guide is funny, accurate, and written by football guys who HAVE to win    --choppermn

I won 2 out of 3 leagues this year and was runner up in the other league all thanks to the draft guide, it really helps you with the later round picks which basically make or break your team.  I'm from the UK and knew absolutely nothing about fantasy football, if i can win with this guide anyone can !   --cucuron

The cost of entering five fantasy leagues = $350

Memberships to crappy fantasy websites = $100

Paying $10 for the PA draft guide and winning $1500 in prize money = Practically Priceless

There are few things $10 can buy, but for the best FF investment ever, there's the PA draft guide!


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