Free Running Back Quick List

Scoring System
RankPlayerTeamSTD FPTSRushing AttemptsRushing YDsRushing TDsRecept.Rec. YDsRec. TDsSchedule StrengthBye WeekAverage Draft Pos.OLine GradeEasy Passing GamesPlayoffSched.
1.Gurley, Todd230250112512302753069C00
2.Bell, LeVeon226200100096060023819A-614
3.Peterson, Adrian22128012501225175114613B830
4.Johnson, David214225900104040046912B210
5.Freeman, Devonta2132459757705503151125C417
6.McCoy, LeSean1962259508403503171027C422
7.Rawls, Thomas1922251050112015015540C32
8.Elliott, Ezekiel191225950830300322715A56
9.Lacy, Eddie186230925830275327424A-615
10.Murray, Latavius18627511007502751131039B616

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