Free Top 50 Offense Quick List

Scoring System
RankTeamPositionPlayerSTD FPTS
1.QBLuck, Andrew383
2.RBLacy, Eddie244
3.RBBlue, Alfred144
4.QBBridgewater, Teddy277
5.RBLynch, Marshawn240
6.QBRodgers, Aaron331
7.RBMason, Tre148
8.RBCharles, Jamaal215
9.WRJackson, DeSean168
10.RBStewart, Jonathan145
11.RBEllington, Andre165
12.RBBell, LeVeon214
13.WRBrown, Antonio224
14.WRMatthews, Jordan152
15.WRTate, Golden172
16.WRBryant, Dez219
17.RBAnderson, C.J.213
18.QBManning, Peyton292
19.RBMurray, DeMarco213
20.RBJennings, Rashad132
21.RBPeterson, Adrian206
22.RBBernard, Giovani134
23.WRThomas, Demaryius218
24.RBForte, Matt205
25.RBCrowell, Isaiah132
26.RBColeman, Tevin125
27.WRBeckham, Odell205
28.RBMurray, Latavius124
29.RBMcCoy, LeSean198
30.WRNelson, Jordy0
31.RBFoster, Arian111
32.RBForsett, Justin195
33.WRJeffery, Alshon185
34.WRJones, Julio188
35.WRHopkins, DeAndre190
36.RBHill, Jeremy183
37.RBGore, Frank188
38.WRHilton, T.Y.182
39.WRCobb, Randall179
40.WRJohnson, Calvin175
41.RBHyde, Carlos174
42.WRGreen, A.J.174
43.WRSanders, Emmanuel179
44.TEGronkowski, Rob180
45.RBIngram, Mark158
46.RBMorris, Alfred155
47.RBMiller, Lamar154
48.RBBell, Joique121
49.RBGordon, Melvin133
50.TEGraham, Jimmy154

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