Week #12 What the Hell Happened by Rick "Snake" Arnold

Anyone else still in a turkey induced coma? 

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10 28

Snake's Take:  DA BEARS! I think you could clearly make a case for Jay Cutler as league MVP. No, I'm not sniffing glue, look how valuable he is to his team! The Bears couldn't score at the Bunny Ranch with a million bucks if they don't have Cutler at QB. Put Cutler in there and POWW! 28 points. With this Bears D, 28 points is plenty to win just about every game they are in. Cutler only threw for 188 and a score while Michael Bush chipped in 2 short yard scores but just being out there and moving the ball to give the defense breaks made all the difference in the world. If you are a Matt Forte owner, how pissed are you? He just can't seem to get it going and then he gets benched whenever the Bears get down inside the 10. From stud RB to mediocre just like that. Adrian Peterson got his 100 yards but nobody else could do much of anything for the Vikings. Without Percy Harvin this offense is pretty flat. Gang up on AP and you can hold them to 10 points. This was a big win and a nice way to bounce back for the Bears.


10 34

Snake's Take:  I haven't seen a defense as bad as the Raiders in a long long time. They are just horrific. Any RB that faces them just goes absolutely nuts. Law Firm ripped them for 129 yards and a TD today and Cedric Peerman added 61 yards in just relief duty. AJ Green got his 111 yards receiving and 21 rushing and Andy Dalton threw for 3 TD's. I started Dalton in hopes of much bigger yardage numbers but I'll take 3 TD's and not complain. If the Raiders weren't so easy to run through Dalton would have had to throw. As it is you'd get more resistance running the rock through a Girl Scout troop than you get from the Raiders. Pitiful. Marcell Reece reached 100 total yards on the day making him still a solid play but the rest of the Raiders offense was ghost. This was a dominating win by the Bengals.


14 20

Snake's Take:  This game proves 2 things without a shadow of a doubt...1) The Cleveland Browns are a much better team than their record indicates and 2) Charlie Batch wasn't even a good QB back in the 90's, there's no way he belongs out there in 2012. Mike Wallace gets 1 grab for 9 yards. Pathetic. Cleveland shut down the Steeler running game and forced Charlie Batch to beat them. Brilliant gameplan! 3 INT's later the Steelers were looking up on the scoreboard all day long. The Browns grinded it out with Trent Richardson and got just enough offense to ride their great defense today and pull out a big win. Charlie Batch should be on some NFL TV show on ESPN 17 West or something. No way he belongs on the football field anymore. The Steelers are in HUGE trouble here. Big Ben is out for a while, Leftwich is hurt and wasn't really the answer and no way Batch gets them any wins. They better make some phone calls.


13 20

Snake's Take:  Ho-hum....another Andrew Luck win, another Buffalo Bill loss...these things are becoming common. The Colts continue to play Chuck Strong as they put up a solid defensive effort and rookie TY Hilton put on a show with a punt return for a score and a receiving TD. I was hesitant to play him in my leagues because he was inconsistent but it's become clear now, he is a big part of their gameplan. Play Hilton from here on out if you have him. The Bills just can't seem to do enough of anything good. They can run the ball...Spiller went over 100 yards. They can pass the ball....Stevie Johnson went over 100 yards. However, they just can't win. Their defense is softer than baby's butt and their offense isn't high-flying enough to win. They are becoming the equivalent to a bye week. What the Colts are doing this year is magical and it's fun to watch. You just have to root for them every week.


17 9

Snake's Take:  Denver played like absolute ass and still got an 8 point win. That's how bad the Chiefs are. I can't help but look at Romeo Crennel and chuckle. It looks like he's standing on the sidelines watching the game and if I could read his mind I'm pretty sure it's saying, "Man oh man I'm gonna get me some ribs after this game. Maybe some cornbread and fried potatoes too. Mmmmmmm Can't wait til this game is over. Brother's gonna get his grub ONNNN!"  He has no clue what's going on on the field. He rotates his RB's all game long while 1 of them is an All Pro and the other 3 should be practice squad guys. 3rd and 3 and he tries a reverse throwback pass to Brady Quinn? Really? Again...he was thinking about ribs and french fries when that play got called. Sitting at 1-10, Romeo better go dust up his resume. Peyton threw for 285 and 2 TD's on the day and that was all they needed to beat the Chiefs. Ronnie Hillman looked like an upside pickup off the wire only for the Broncos to announce Moreno as the starter and he rumbled for 85 yards. If you can get Knowshon somehow...he's the guy going forward.


21 24

 Snake's Take:  Seattle is a pretender. You can't be so damn good at home and this damn awful on the road. There's just no excuse for that. Marshawn Lynch was shut down cold and the Seahawks D couldn't stop Ryan Tannehill in the final minutes of the game. Reggie Bush and Daniel Thomas ran easily through the Seahawks and Davone Bess seemed uncoverable down the stretch. Miami is no playoff team...they play with heart and they are very solid on D, but they are no playoff team. Clearly neither are the Seasqwaks. If Seattle could play at home every week they might be undefeated but you put them on the road against a High School team and they are in trouble. Stupid.


24 23

 Snake's Take:  Any other Julio Jones owners out there that just didn't quite trust him being back yet? Sucks huh? Feel like kicking a household pet? Me too. Julio blew up today for 147 yards and an 80 yard TD as the Falcons eeked out this win. Tampa Bay just couldn't get TD's other than a couple of Muscle Hamster runs. How blind/deaf/dumb do the Falcons have to be to keep letting Michael Pork Chop Turner be the starting RB over Jacquizz Rodgers? Rodgers is 100 times better and brings home run speed to the table. The only thing Turner brings to the table is more food. He's just lost his speed and power to the almighty buffet line. They really struggled to pull out this win and there's no way they beat teams in the playoffs without a running game. Say it with me....Unleash Jacquizz!  The Bucs really needed this win. They are a rising team and still have an outside shot but this one really stings.


19 24

 Snake's Take:  Can this be real? Did the Jags stumble onto something in Chad Henne? Henne threw for 261 yards and 2 TD's on the day as he led the Jags to a strong home win over the Titans. Cecil Shorts had another 100 yard game with a TD and Justin Blackmon chipped in a TD. These two young WR's are really breaking out before our eyes with Henne out there. What was that other QB's name again? Blaine something?  Chris Johnson was held to just 80 yards rushing and Jake Locker only threw 1 TD...far too many FG's for the Titans as their red zone offense blew chunks. You can't hang with an offensive powerhouse like the Jags...I couldn't even type that with a straight face. Let's just say you don't win many games if you have to keep kicking FG's in the red zone. Tennessee is just not that good and Jacksonville is rising. Henne will keep the job and if they keep airing it out like this Blackmon and Shorts are great fantasy plays down the stretch.


16 13

 Snake's Take:  This game was just ugly. The Chargers had this game and just let it slip away. After being up 13-3 with less than 5 minutes left the Chargers just collapsed. Flacco threw for 355 yards and Ray Rice had 164 total yards as the Ravens needed almost all of OT to kick the game winning FG. They fought back hard to even get this one to OT. Philip Rivers and the Chargers just packed up camp and stopped moving the ball way too early. I hate when teams get all conservative in the 4th quarter. Whatever happened to stepping on a team's throat and ending a game? Baltimore has to be encouraged by the win but they are still struggling to get these wins...they are not looking like a power player in the AFC playoff picture right now. Danario Alexander had a solid day with 5 grabs for 74 yards...he's legit the go-to player for Rivers now. If he's out on your wire for some reason, scoop him up for the stretch run.


31 17

 Snake's Take:  Steven Jackson finally shows up....anyone have him in their lineups? 139 yards on the ground for S-Jax and Chris Givens had 115 receiving as the Rams used a balanced offense and 2 pick-6 TD's by Janoris Jenkins to beat up on the sorry Cards. Ryan Lindley is a joke. He was a joke in college at an irrelevant school and now he gets to start an NFL game because the Cards have gone through QB's at a scary pace. Sure Lindley had 300 yards passing but he threw 4 INT's! He threw 2 TD's to the other team and none to his own. That's all you need to know. Beanie Wells made it back to the field with a spalsh as he ran in 2 TD's...that would be great news for the Cards if they had any chance of finding a QB. They should call the Niners and get poor Alex Smith. I'm sure they would worship the ground he walked on. These teams are 5 weeks from scouting for the draft in April.


31 21

 Snake's Take:  This was a HUGE win for the Niners and about puts the nail in the Saints coffin. Their D actually played better than they have all season it was Drew Brees throwing 2 pick-6 INT's that cost them this game. That's so unlike Drew but it goes to show just how damn good the Niners D is. Colin Kaepernick was good enough with 231 yards passing and 1 TD and 27 on the ground with 1 TD. He brings more to the table than Alex Smith but I think the Niners have just done Smith dirty yet again. Smith did nothing to really lose his job and now that Kaepernick has 2 wins under his belt the only way he loses that job is if he gets hurt. Alex Smith is back on clipboard duty. Poor guy gets no respect. Darren Sproles was back with 7 grabs for 65 yards...PPR monster still moving forward. Jimmy Graham is going to get some assdart votes this week with 4 grabs for 33 yards. That's hardly elite and definitely killed his owners this week. Drew Brees chucking 2 pick-6's was just insane...the Niners brought the heat and it got to him. Niners are staking claim as the team to beat in the NFC.

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