Beer, Recipe and Picks of the Week

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Pigskin's Beer of the Week

Fat Tire Amber Ale

      Clearly OUR favorite Beer and it goes great with our Recipe of the week...

Pigskin's Recipe of the Week


Drunken Brisket Sandwiches

Take a cut of brisket small enough to fit in your crock pot...if you have to, cut a 1/2 brisket in 1/2 and put both halves in. Slice up 2-3 Vidalia (or sweet) onions up and toss those in the crock pot too. Pour enough Amber beer (I know, this part really hurts...I feel your pain) in the crockpot to cover the meat/onions (Alaskan Amber is the bomb for this). Salt, Pepper, some fresh minced garlic must enter the fray. Crank it up to high and let it're looking at 8 hours so you probably want to start this one Saturday night so it's perfect for you by kickoff Sunday. Get a couple of good Kaiser rolls...something that can stand up to some juice and won't turn into mushy dough in your hands. Mix 1 cup of may with 3 tbs. of adobo sauce from a can of chipotle peppers to give yourself a nice kick. Bread....cheese...Shredded beer brisket and beer soaked onions. Put it all together and you're fat, dumb and happy! Combine this with some Brown's beer and you're as close to heaven as you can get. Enjoy week 13!!!

The Pirates Den! 

A new weekly feature from Pigskin Addiction to help you with your gambling fix.   Here are the Pirate’s best picks against the spread for Week 13.   Look for the Pirate to expand this area in the coming season. 

Saints at. Falcons  - The Falcons are a 2 point favorite in tonight’s game with the line moving to 3.5 points over this week.   We still like the Saints in tonight’s match-up.   They play the Falcons tough and have their backs against the wall.   Take the Points and the Saints tonight.   Should be a good game with fantasy points for all. 

Vikings at Packers – Are you forking kidding me?    The Packers win this one at home in a shootout.   At only 9 points, this one is already in the books.  Yeah I know our projections show this a little closer but does anyone really believe that Christian Ponder can keep up with Aaron Rodgers? 

Buccaneers at Broncos – Peyton forgot about father time and has his head duck taped to his shoulders.   Something is working for those Broncos and although our projections have this one close, The Pirate is going with the Broncos to cover those 9 points this week.   Word to the wise, The Pirate may have a rose colored eye patch when it comes to the donkeys.

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