Week #15 What the Hell Happened by Rick "Snake" Arnold

Quick and painful.....playoffs are kicking my butt.

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 NYG at ATL | GB at CHI | WAS at CLE | MIN at STL | JAX at MIA | TB at NO | DEN at BAL
IND at HOU | DET at ARI | CAR at SD | SEA at BUF | PIT at DAL | KC at OAK


0 34

Snake's Take:  Ugh.....really? I plugged David Wilson in expecting a big game. Not so much. Stupid Kregg Lumpkin stole a ton of carries and Wilson looked great first drive and then died off. G-men kept going for it on 4th down and getting stuffed. WTF? The Falcons were clicking on all cylinders. Julio was huge, Rodgers and Turner ran well and Matty Ice was on point. This makes a big statement about how ready for the playoffs Atlanta is. Watch out! Thanks David Wilson...


21 13

Snake's Take: The Bears are just too banged up to be relevant anymore. Their O-line couldn't stop the Olsen twins from sacking Cutler like groceries, their defense is missing 3 key players and Cutler just can't do it by himself. Aaron Rodgers to James Jones for 3 TD's and that's all they needed. I was playing against Brandon Marshall so of course he got his cheap score. FML. The Pack win their division and have a legit shot to make a run in the wide open NFC.


38 21

Snake's Take:  Guess they didn't need RG3 against the lowly Browns huh? Kirk Cousins was on point for 329 yards and 2 TD's and Alfred Morris chipped in 2 TD's as the Redskins rolled over the Browns. Trent Richardson chipped in 2 scores but only 28 yards rushing. Thanks for the kick to the yambag Trent. The Redskins remain in the playoff race and the Browns remain crappy. Cousins just bought RG3 another week to heal up. As bad as the Giants were today I'd rather see the Redskins in the playoffs. RG3 gets healthy and they can beat anyone on any given week.


36 22

Snake's Take:  Adrian Peterson is just not human....212 yards and a TD. All Minnesota needed today was AP and their kicker. The defense did the rest. Shockingly, Minnesota is still in the playoff race. Everyone in the building knew Adrian Peterson was getting the ball all day and they still couldn't stop him. The guy is just the best RB of his generation and may end up being the best ever before it's all said and done. If he had any kind of passing game to help him out he'd be lethal. The Rams continue to struggle in mediocrity...they got drubbed today on the home dome turf by a mid-pack Viking squad. Not looking good for the scRams.


3 24

Snake's Take:  Tannehill throws for 2 scores and Reggie Bush runs for 100 yards...that's all the Dolphins needed to dominate the Jags. The only bright spot for the Jags was Cecil Shorts with 6 grabs for 100 yards. The Jags offense is just plain awful. They should just lose out and boost their draft pick. Miami has a great D and is building the O, they have a bright future with this young squad. This game overall ranked somewhere between "Who cares" and "Nobody gives a rat's ass". Stellar.


0 41

Snake's Take:  What the FOCK? I started Josh Freeman figuring he's facing the very worst defense in the NFL and should be good for fat points. He pitches 4 INT's and a shutout? You have to be freakin' kidding me! In the damn playoffs? Of all times to crap out! This game pissed me off to no end. Brees and the Aints just marched all over the field and every time you turned around Freeman was throwing another INT. I'd like to punch Freeman in his fat grill right now. I take a playoff loss because he's throwing passes to the other team? Doug Martin doesn't do squat against the worst D in the league? This game cost me playoffs in two leagues. I'm ready to retire from FFB and I now forever hate the Tampa Bay Suckaneers!


34 17

Snake's Take:  Denver is making a statement about their place in the AFC. New England and Denver are clearly the class of the AFC. 34 points you're thinking Peyton Manning went off right? Only 1 TD. They ran the ball well, played amazing D and dominated this game. Special shout out to Ray Rice...I had him paired with Doug Martin on one team...38 yards rushing on the day. Ass-dart!  If you for some odd reason started Dennis Pitta...you won today. 7 grabs for 125 yards and 2 TD's. Wow! The rest of the Ravens sucked ballsack. The Broncos are rolling!


17 29

 Snake's Take:  The Colts aren't ready to hang with the big boys yet. The Texans dominated behind huge games from Andre Johnson and Arian Foster. Any guesses as to who I was facing in the playoffs today? Yup, Andre Johnson in both leagues, Arian Foster in another. I had 3 playoff teams going today and every one took it in the shorts. Houston dominated this game as they pestered Andrew Luck and ran the ball at will. Nobody could cover Andre Johnson early and nobody could stop Arian Foster late. While the Colts are a good story and will probably make the playoffs, they are without question one and done. They just aren't that good. This is another game I just hated. I'm ready for FFB season to be over with so I can get onto college hoops and March Madness....no more pain and torture of watching my players choke on Sunday and my opponent's players just go off. Not sure why I play this game...


10 38

 Snake's Take:  By my football Algebra: Seattle beats Arizona 58-0 + Arizona beats Detroit 38-10 = Seattle would beat Detroit 96-10. Yes, Detroit is that bad. Other than good old Calvin Johnson with his 10 grabs for 121 yards the Lions couldn't do a damn thing. Stafford that donkey threw 3 INT's and their defense made Beanie Wells look like an All Pro RB. If a Ryan Lindley led team puts 38 up on you, you have achieved new levels of suck Way to go Lions.


31 7

 Snake's Take:  Thank God I resisted the Danario Alexander Kool-Aid this week. I know a ton of you played him and after his last 5 weeks he really looked like a must-start. ZERO, DONUT, ZIPPO. What a kick in the yambag. Philip Rivers looked like a pouty lost baby out there and the Panthers just ran wild. Cam threw for 2, Mike Tolbert ran 2 TD's in and DeAngelo was combo 144 yards. Nice game by the Panthers...Norv Turner should get his first unemployment check in time for New Years.


50 17

 Snake's Take:  If I'm any of the powers in the NFC (Atlanta, Green Bay, San Fran) this Seattle team is the LAST team I want to be matched up against in the first round of the playoffs. Russell Wilson is an absolute beast playmaker...92 yards rushing and 3 TD's today with 1 TD pass for good measure. The Seahawk Defense is just plain nasty and they salt games away running Beast Mode on everyone. This team is really built for a deep playoff run. If Wilson can avoid rookie choke jobs in the playoffs, this Seahawk team is going to make a little run. Buffalo got a good game out of CJ Spiller but he was nowhere near enough to hang with the Hawks. 50 points again...scary.


24 27

 Snake's Take:  The Cowboys played a great game and deserved this win after fighting back time and time again in this one. Flashbacks of the late 70's matchups between these two teams. I have always had a little hatred for the Cowboys and that has grown over the years thanks to Jerry Jones. Today was a new low...they let soon-to-be convicted killer DT Josh Brent walk on the sidelines. Really? It's okay that you got so drunk it was twice the legal limit and crashed your car killing your "friend" and teammate...come watch the game with us. What the hell is this world coming to? I should expect nothing less from Jerry Jones. The Giants lose, the Cowboys and Redskins win...NFC East is coming right down to the final week.


0 15

 Snake's Take:  You can just look at this score and see how crappy this game was. No touchdowns...5 field goals. Awesome.  The Chiefs coaching staff is hilarious. You have one of the best RB's in the game in Jamaal Charles and you are playing one of the worst run D's in the league....so what do you do? Give Charles 9 carries for 10 yards. Brilliant. Romeo Crennell will be looking for a job any day now. Both of these teams are bad but clearly the Chiefs are worse. Darren McFadden did manage 110 yards rushing...I'm sure that does nothing for his owners that drafted him in the first round. Sorry excuse for an NFL game.

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