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The Pirate continues to pick well with another 2-1 performance.   I know that line seems like a repeat but ask anyone that likes to play the spread.  66% is pretty darn good and we intend to get better.   Not sure where the Giants went last week but it was not Atlanta.  The players on that field looked more like Cardinals or Chiefs.  How does Manning put up a big fat ZERO!  Once again, our picks of the Packers and Broncos were really never in doubt and the kind of solid win we like with money on the line.  The Pirates record this year stands at 6-3.  That's money in your pocket if you followed our advice.

As the our fantasy season winds down, continue to check with the Pirate for the NFL Playoffs.  We will expand our analysis and pick every playoff game.  

 Picks for Week 15

Giants  @ Falcons (-1)

Packers (-3) @ Bears

Broncos (-3) @ Ravens 


Week 16 picks from the Pirate:




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