Studs & Duds

Week 3

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Manning, PeytonThe stud status will transcend the Seattle defense at home. Even with half his average he is a fantasy stud,
Brees, DrewSpreading the ball and connecting down-field - what more can you ask for?
Brady, TomTom Bready has not been very studly in 2014, but this week its the Raiders!
Stafford, MatthewStafford will lead your fantasy team to glory win Week 3.
Rodgers, AaronNot quite a stud in the last two weeks, but you know he starts.
Dalton, AndyA top QB that is consistently underrated playing the very vanilla Titans - Yeah, get him in there.
Rivers, PhilipBuffalo has been tougher than expected, but they will not stop Philip Rivers,.
Luck, AndrewAnother solid performance for Andrew Luck
Newton, CamThose receivers look pretty good with Newton under center.
Ryan, MattRyan has been really good and really bad. Somewhere in between this week.
Foles, NickThe slow starts concern us. This offense is a little creaky and we cannot let Foles be a stud with those concerns.
Romo, TonyIf he cannot beat the Rams real questions will arise.
Manning, EliHave you watched the last two games at all? Noooooooooooo.
Davis, AustinEven a bigger dud that Shaun Hill
Hill, ShaunA complete dud even if he plays and even against Dallas.
Locker, JakeTough test for Jake Locker. He gets a C at best.
Griffin III, RobertWe put him on the Dud list so you would know he is injured.
Cousins, KirkWIth RG III trying to tear his foot off, Cousins steps into the limelight.

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