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Week 17

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Stafford, MatthewBack in the saddle at the top of the list. It only took until Week 17 to make the stud list.
Brees, DrewThe Falcons are still giving up a ton of points, and Brees still throws a ton of passes.
Wilson, RussellIn a game that matters the Seahawks will be forced to air it out, and their only run game is Wilson.
Palmer, CarsonEverything is sewn up for Arizona except home field advantage, with a healthy team that is worth playing for.
Smith, AlexSeeking the division title and on a massive winning streak, the Chiefs will be all over the Raiders in a rivalry and game that matters.
Manning, EliWith Odell Beckham Jr back in the lineup Eli plans to go out with a bang.
Osweiler, BrockThe Broncos want that division title and the first round bye, and the Chargers are soft.
Brady, TomWith a first round bye in their pocket, Brady and the Pats are playing for home field advantage throughout the playoffs.
Newton, CamNo longer able to finish undefeated the Panthers may find resting Cam is more important than home field advantage.
Taylor, TyrodIn one last attempt to settle any QB controversy in Buffalo, Taylor plays no holds barred.
Ryan, MattIn a game with no consequence we could see the highest scoring of the week.
Cousins, KirkThis game may not matter in the standings for the playoffs, but taking it to the Cowboys is always a reason to stay in the game.
Fitzpatrick, RyanThe Jets need a win to make the playoffs and that effort rests on the shoulders of Fitzpatrick.
Bortles, BlakeBortles has changed the chatter in Jacksonville and will put on a show for the Jaguars last game of the season.
Tannehill, RyanOnce burning bright, the only thing left for Tannehill and the Dolphins is a bit of stale smoke.
Rivers, PhilipThe Broncos will put the final nail in the coffin of a dismal season for the Chargers.
Weeden, BrandonWeeden will air it out in a fight for a playoff berth, and with a healthy receiving corps he will connect.

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