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Week 4

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Newton, CamA bounce back week for Cam and company, start your stud.
Brees, DrewHe has the arm, he has the weapons, he plays from behind - all the makings of a fantasy stud.
Flacco, JoeBecause everyone scores against the Raiders......
Rivers, PhilipCould be the offensive game of the week. Get a piece of Rivers while their are still people on the other end of the pass.
Luck, AndrewHow about that TY Hilton - he makes Luck a decent QB all by himself. Now it is time to rack up some big numbers.
Palmer, CarsonA step up from week 3, Carson Palmer will redeem himself this week.
Ryan, MattA tough match-up but there is always opportunity when the offensive scheme is in the air and you are playing from behind.
Roethlisberger, BenAnything goes with the Chiefs, and without the Arrowhead crowd Big Ben is likely to have success.
Stafford, MatthewStafford gets the chance to tear apart the Bears while they are all messed up trying to find an identity.
Dalton, AndyGo AJ Go, see AJ run, see AJ in the end zone and enjoy a nice fantasy week for Dalton.
Cousins, KirkThere will not be many times Cousins will get the opportunities he will get this week.
Bortles, BlakeBlake finally noticed ARob on the field, and spreading the ball around will keep Bortles in the conversation.
Mariota, MarcusThe Texans defense will get to Mariota this week. Its not the time to take the shot.
Osweiler, BrockComing off a shut out Osweiler wants his respect back. The Texans will come out swinging for the fences and running up the score.

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