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Week 7

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Manning, PeytonThis will be an entertaining rematch with Peyton finding the end zone often.
Luck, AndrewOn a roll and he will stay there. Keep him in your line-up.
Rodgers, AaronEven in a down year, Rodgers is the #7 QB in our league. Not bad for what most consider a disappointment.
Brady, TomWith a healthy Gronk, Tom Brady just looks better and Belichek really, REALLY hates the Jets.
Orton, KyleThe Vikings could make my mamas mama look good. Orton has the best chance of his season in week 7.
Cousins, KirkA soft Tennessee D will make a nice game for Cousins.
Whitehurst, CharlieOnly a place holder until Mettenberger is ready, but against the Redskins he will be effective.
Flacco, JoeTwo great weeks in a row. Not a repeat, but a total that will make Flacco owners smile.
Kaepernick, ColinKaepernick will try to keep pace with Manning. He will fail, but he will have some nice fantasy points.
Newton, CamIs Cam the man back? Unless you have one of the studs above take your chances on Newton this week.
Romo, TonyCome on Man! He beat Seattle in Seattle. That should convince you right there. If not, he has Dez!
Rivers, PhilipA nasty divisional game in San Diego. The home town fans will not be disappointed.
Palmer, CarsonLooking like the nerve was never a problem. Scoop up the opportunity to get some scores in Oakland.
Cutler, JayWith weapons like Marshall, Jeffery and Bennett, Jay Cutler will find success against almost anyone.
Brees, DrewA game that will improve the weekly average for Brees. There will be plenty of opportunity in Detroit.
Ryan, MattMatt Ryan has been a little spotty this year but is still a top tier QB.
Bridgewater, TeddyMinnesota is not ready for prime time. Bridgewater will not succeed until a convincing running game is established.
Hoyer, BrianThe Jags might look better but they still give opposing QBs nice numbers, and Hoyer is doing fine against tougher opponents.
Hill, ShaunIf you want to see production in St. Louis go watch an MLB game.
Bortles, BlakeFinding a way to connect, and giving Jacksonville some hope. It will not be big, but you could do worse.

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