Studs & Duds

Week 17

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Manning, PeytonThis game could mean home field advantage, the Broncos will be playing to win.
Brees, DrewStill in the hunt for a wild card spot, Brees will be on his game this week.
Foles, NickPlaying like your #1 stud. Ride the hot hand. Besides, the Dallas secondary is just not very good.
Dalton, AndyDo you trust him yet?
Newton, CamCam is a little gimpy and banged up but he still rates a top 5 position.
Wilson, RussellSeattle has not locked up home field advantage yet. Wilson plays the whole game.
Brady, TomTrust in Tom. Who else would you rather bet your championship hopes on.
Luck, AndrewIndy is set in their playoff position. We expect Luck to get some rest in the 2nd half.
Stafford, MatthewHow much heart can Stafford still have left?
Henne, ChadJust say no!
Campbell, JasonPittsburgh will prove to be too much for the declining Browns.
Schaub, MattDO NOT risk your championship on a Houston QB.

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